Pop forwarding in Exchange 2003

In Exchage 2003 with SBS 2003, I have two pop accounts downloading thru the pop connector.

How do I set it so that all mails from a particular pop account are forwarded to a gmail address as well as a copy being left on my exchange server?

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You need to create in Ad new object named Contact (exchange enabled), with SMTP address - your GMAIL account, and then from your AD\Exchange user in properties of it Exchange Account, configure Forward to  - and choose your contact. Also mark deliver to user and forward to remote.
AmritashAuthor Commented:
I have added a user user1 with an smtp of my gmail address. I have also amended the checkbox to forward and deliver.

However,the message arrives in my mailbox but is not forwarding to my gmail account??

Pls assist and advise thks.

I have also restarted alle xchange services!!Do I need to restart server?
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