disk mirror failed

i have mirror disk on server 2003 and one of this disk failed what action i need to do to replace it?
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compaq smartarray controllers are hotswappable, so just get the same disks as you already have from compaq, then remove the bad disk and insert the new one while the server is running, and it should start rebuilding automatically. You can check the progress by using the software for the array controller. If you can't get the same size disk anymore, get a larger one.
Get a new, if possible same type of disk and replace it. Then depending on your raid controller just wait for the array to get rebuilt, or open the raid controller's utility and follow the instructions within to start the rebuild manually. Also depending on the controller, this is either done while windows is running or during the booting process. With some controllers you can also hot-swap the disk while the server is running. Just check what your hardware supports.
buildingitAuthor Commented:
i have smart array 3200 what this mean?
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