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A User's Profile Keeps Getting Corrupt

We have a lot of user's in our company that access Citrix over and over again on a daily basis and haven't had any problems.  We have one user who every time she accesses Citrix, and then logs out, and tries to access it again later, she gets a message saying her profile is corrupt or has permission error and that she will be logged into a temp profile.  From what I can see, her profile isn't corrupt, it just doesn't unload properly.  I installed Microsoft's Hive Clean-up to help with the unloading of profiles, but it doesn't seem to be helping, when her profile gets "corrupt" again, I just login restart the hive clean-up service, and the profile unloads and she can login again.  It's only her profile though, no one else's.  Any ideas?
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I assume you are using roaming profiles

There must be either a file in or an application that has written to her profile and corrupted it. Check that her profile is not too big in size compared to the other users...

Have you tried giving her a new profile?

Check the event viewer at the time of when the user reports the problem - check if there are any errors/warnings...

What are the security rights on that particular user's profile folder?  
Have you checked the registry size on the server and available virtual memory?

See these links:

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I have tried giving her a new profile, it also becomes corrupt, and has several times.  I the issue is that the C Drive is low on space.  I am the IT person here now, but wasn't when this Citrix server was setup.  All the profiles are in the default location.  Is there anyway to have the profiles be created on another drive, such as the D Drive?
Did you follow the correct procedure to give her a new profile?

1. Make sure user is logged out of all citrix sessions and PCs which would use her profile.
2. Delete local copy of roaming profile from every citrix server.
3. Backup and then delete network copy of roaming profile on Profile Server
4. Create new roaming profile on Profile Server
5. Ask user to logon and test applications
6. Reconfigure any links shortcuts and applications for user.
I did the above steps, but today, her profile is again corrupt.
In which case you should monitor the profile logon/off process for that user using Userenv - that will help you to establish the cause of the issue:,289483,sid1_gci1249039,00.html;en-us;221833;en-us;835302

Also check the Microsoft sysinternals site for profile utilities...

Good luck!
Is there any way to move all windows profile creation to another drive?
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