DNS Error - Unknown error - NSlookup works

Hi all

We recently restore a active drectory system state to a test machine. We reconfigured to use the new machine p address. Removed any domain controllers using a online script. Configured any settings as we would expect active directory to work

A client machine has IP configuration setup manually and is pointing to domain controller. DNlookup works for the domain. When we try to add a pc to this domain , we recieve the following error
" DNS was successfully queried for the service location (srv) resource for the domain controller of domain "name"
The query was for _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.domain.co.uk
The following domain controller was identified
name of domain controller ( remember we cleared out teh meta data for other domain controllers )

Common causes of this error include

HOST A records that map the name of teh domain conrller to its ip addresses are missing or contain incorrect address  - (we have changed the host a records manually to teh new ip address )
Domain coltrollers registered in DNS are not connected to teh netowrk and are not running - ( We have removed an instances of all other domain controllers and dns servers. "

Any other thoughts would be greatful

Regards, Alan
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SingnetsvcConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The issue to this was that when we did a restore of the active directory system state, we did not select the advanced option in ntback restore to "Set AD content as primary" ( wording not accurate but something simiilar )

Whent his option was selected the netlogon and sysvol folders restored correctly and the active directory worked correctly.

Regards, Alan
Check the AD Users and Computers and confirm that the DC is in the Domain Controllers OU.

Run netdiag, and dcdiag and post results please.

SingnetsvcAuthor Commented:
AD OU exists

However, i have just noticed that the Group policies will not. It state that the domain is missing and the option was selected was for server woth pdc emulator. GPO is now disabled.
 I should mention that this server was not a global catologue when live. I have since enbled this server as global catologue when restored. All other FSMo roles exist on this machine

NEt Diag and DC Diag are easier said than done, but i will do them no

Regards, Alan
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Alan, just to confirm I am understanding this correct;

This DC is a test machine and the only DC in the "test" domain?
It holds all FSMO roles (Schema, Domain Naming, RID, PDCEmulator and Infrastructure)
It is configured as a GCS
It has DNS installed
Server is in Domain Controllers OU
xxxxxxx.msdsc.<domainname> exists in DNS
SRV records exist for <servername>
SingnetsvcAuthor Commented:
That is correct.

Just checking one or two things now. will get back to you tomorrow

Regards, Alan
No problem, I was just about to say I'm off for the day in 15 minutes
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