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Hy all

I getting multiple dates from the net and each has a different format.

In Perl is ease to parse this dates, in reality, many different packages do it.

But I'm needing to do this in Java, I have dates like:

Sun, 19 May 2002 15:21:36 GMT

And many others. so isn't easy to get a simple format to all of them. Is there a intelligent package in Java that get any of this dates and returns me the number of seconds since epoc, without the need of suppling a date from my side?

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Nothing other than trying multiple DateFormat. It would be better to constrain input
oleberAuthor Commented:
I'd like to have always the some format, but I'm collecting data from different sources that we don't control. In this XML exists a field that is a data, the only problem is that different sources fill the date in different formats.

Clearly, I'm trying to avoid this solution, it isn't generic enough.

So the question continues: Is there a Generic Package (don't need to be a from SUN) that parses multiple format dates?

+- the same as Date::Manip or Date::Calc, ... from Perl.

Any package would simply have to try different date formats. You would be better off tailor making one for your own variations
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