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Hi.. Can anybody tell me how can I format my datetime object like eg  1-Jan-2013
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GawaiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no above date will not work. and this one will surely does wat u are expecting

Dim d As New Date

d = d.Now

Response.Write("<BR>" & Format(d, "dd-MMM-yyyy"))
If this is classic asp, it has a function called formatdatetime
Response.Write FormatDateTime(Now(), 0)

0 could be 0-4, depending on the format you want.
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kpankaj9Author Commented:
Hey Gawai
Thanks for response. I m using ASP.Net 1.1/C# and there I could not use ur code.Can you pls help.

i guess u did not try my code

Function FormatMediumDate(DateValue)
    Dim strYYYY
    Dim strMM
    Dim strDD

      strYYYY = CStr(DatePart("yyyy", DateValue))
      strMM = CStr(DatePart("m", DateValue))
      If Len(strMM) = 1 Then strMM = "0" & strMM

      strDD = CStr(DatePart("d", DateValue))
      If Len(strDD) = 1 Then strDD = "0" & strDD

      FormatMediumDate = strDD& "-" & strMM & "-" & strYYYY
End Function

now u can use above function like...

Mass Dot NetCommented:
Here's a function I wrote recently that allows you to format a date in a variety of ways, including the delimiter character.  I've also included some sample code at the bottom, to illustrate how to use it.

<%      '// Here are the following date formatting characters:
            '//            * MMMM = Month name ("January")
            '//            * MMM = First three letters of month name ("Jan")
            '//            * MM = Two-digit month number ("01")
            '//            * %M = One-digit month number ("1")
            '//            * dddd = Weekday name ("Wednesday")
            '//            * dd = Two-digit day number ("05")
            '//            * %d = One-digit day number ("5")
            '//            * yyyy = Complete year number ("2007")
            '//            * yy = Two right-most digits of year number ("07")
            Function CustomFormatDate(sDate, sDateFormat)
            Dim sReturnValue, dtDate, M, MM, MMM, MMMM, d, dd, dddd, yy, yyyy

            sReturnValue = ""
            if IsDate(sDate) then
                  dtDate = cDate(sDate)
                  M = Month(dtDate)
                  MM = M:  if (M < 10) then MM = "0" & MM
                  MMM = Left(MonthName(M), 3)
                  MMMM = MonthName(M)
                  d = Day(dtDate)
                  dd = d:  if (d < 10) then dd = "0" & dd
                  dddd = WeekdayName(Weekday(dtDate))
                  yy = Right(CStr(Year(dtDate)), 2)
                  yyyy = Year(dtDate)

                  sReturnValue = sDateFormat
                  sReturnValue = Replace(sReturnValue, "MMMM", MMMM,1,-1,0)
                  sReturnValue = Replace(sReturnValue, "MMM", MMM,1,-1,0)
                  sReturnValue = Replace(sReturnValue, "MM", MM,1,-1,0)
                  sReturnValue = Replace(sReturnValue, "%M", M,1,-1,0)
                  sReturnValue = Replace(sReturnValue, "dddd", dddd,1,-1,0)
                  sReturnValue = Replace(sReturnValue, "dd", dd,1,-1,0)
                  sReturnValue = Replace(sReturnValue, "%d", d,1,-1,0)
                  sReturnValue = Replace(sReturnValue, "yyyy", yyyy,1,-1,0)
                  sReturnValue = Replace(sReturnValue, "yy", yy,1,-1,0)
            end if

            CustomFormatDate = sReturnValue
      End Function

      Dim arrSampleDateFormats, dtSampleDate, iIndex, sSampleDateFormat, sFormattedDate
      arrSampleDateFormats = Array("%d-MMM-yyyy", "dd-MMM-yyyy", "MM/dd/yyyy", "MM.dd.yyyy", "MM-dd-yyyy", "dd/MM/yyyy", "dd.MM.yyyy", "dd-MM-yyyy", "dd/MMM/yy", "dd.MMM.yy", "dd-MMM-yy", "yyyy/MM/dd", "yyyy.MM.dd", "yyyy-MM-dd", "dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy", "MMMM dd, yyyy", "dddd, dd MMMM, yyyy", "dd MMMM, yyyy")
      dtSampleDate = CDate(#2007-09-01#) %>
      <div><font face="Courier" size="2">
            Sample Date = [<%=dtSampleDate%>]<br>

            <table width="100%">
<%      For iIndex = LBound(arrSampleDateFormats) to UBound(arrSampleDateFormats)
            sSampleDateFormat = arrSampleDateFormats(iIndex)
            sFormattedDate = CustomFormatDate(dtSampleDate, sSampleDateFormat) %>
                        <td width="250"><%=sSampleDateFormat%></td>
<%      Next %>

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ah i need .net code
just try this one

Format(Date, "dd-MMM-yyyy")
kpankaj9Author Commented:
hey gawai..
cant belive it.....
its just worked by writing dd-MMM-yyyy.......thanks a lot
accepted ur solution...:)
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