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Wireless Network Building WIth Strong Omni-Antenna with Wireless Access Point

Last Modified: 2013-11-09
Hi friends !

I am working as IT Professional in an educational institute. Currently we have Fiber Optics 1 Mbps Leased Line (Wired) from our ISP.  

Here is the scenario&

The wide thick cable underground (It is Fiber Optics Cable from ISP) is terminating to one box in our server room. From this box, one UTP cable is coming out and terminating to the Cisco 2600XM Router. The entire internal PCs are getting internet connection from internal ISA 2000 Server that is connected to the Cisco 2600XM Router.

Our premise is covering 1 Kilometer circular area with small huts and blocks.

We want to implement Wireless network in this premise because we have purchased about 100 laptops for Academic and Administrative staff and they will need wireless to be connected to internet.

Please tell me how I should plan for it. I know how to implement wireless and I know that here Access Points will be required but I dont know how many access points I need to buy and where to place them. I dont have geographical map of the institute.

I have heard about Omni-Antenna with Wireless Access Point with high capacity which can propagate signals for some kilometers. Please tell me something about it.

Q: How can I use it ?
Q: If I use Omni-Antenna, Will I need to use Wireless Access Points in the premise ? Or this Omni-Antenna will be enough to provide signals to the Wireless Network Cards of the laptops

Please note that my main consideration is to use only one Omni-Antenna with Wireless Access Point if it is possible with it to give connection to the laptops in the premise. I want to avoid use of small-small access points in premise.

Also note that we dont have building like structure. Our campus has huts and blocks at some distance. And we have complete wired network. We dont have any wireless equipment.

Please give me idea in this regard. If you need some other information then please tell me. Please note that my main consideration is to use


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Thanks for your suggestions !

Your first suggestion to use 20dbm radio with an 8dbi omni antenna seems to be suitable for our institute. You told that it would  cover upto 500 metres. I  have some questions regarding this technology.

Please note that I don't have enough idea in telecommunication field. I have managed Servers my specilalization is in System Administration. This question and implementation is the part of wireless networking. So it is my request if you can support me in explaining me in some detail.

Please tell me...

Q: 1 The telecommunication product (20 dbm radio with an 8dbi omni antenna) is one product or they are different accessories and we will need to make them one by fixing them with each other so that they work together ?

Q:2 How does it look like ?

Q: 3 If I will use it, Won't I need Wireless Access Points ?

Q:4 I know about Wireless Network Cards ? Do laptops have some different antennas to receive the signal or Wireless NIC Cards and Antennas are the same terms ?

Waiting for your valuable suggestions...



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Thanks  jekl2000 !

You really explained me these terms and techniques in a very systematic way. Can you please tell me about some web links where I can see the pictures of above discussed Telecommunication Product and/or I can see detailed specifications of this product. Because We are very serious on this matter and we are willing to buy a low budget wireless solution for our open network.

I have never seen any equippment like this in real time. When you explained me about it, I got your idea. But it would be  nice if I can see the pictures of this product ,

It would be very nice if I can see one scenario explaining this implementation. It would clear many things to me.

I request for your continuous support. Please be with me for some time.




Hi  jekl2000 !

I explored one site: http://www.wlanantennas.com

I collected some valuable information regarding Wireless Communication. I could see the pictures of the Wireless Radio APs and Antennas. I could also found the product information and costs.

I found that there are many type of antennas i.e.&.

1. Omni Directional
2. Sector Antenna
3. Yagi Antenna
4. Patch Antenna
5. Indoor Antenna
6. Parabolic Dish
7. Circular Polarity Antenna

Looking at these types, I really got confused what is best for my scenario !!!

Please not that: My current aim is to propagate the wireless signals in 300 to 400 meters of circular area using Radio AP in  Access Point mode only. In the near future, I may use it for Point to Point Connectivity with another Antenna.

As I told you about the geographical structure, we have many blocks at some distances between them we have small gardens and passing space. We dont have building-like structure.

I am appointed to implement the open wireless network. I have to cover at least 300 meters area. I want to know&

1. Can you briefly tell me what is the key difference between these Antennas and which is best for my scenario ?

2. Does Radio AP with Omni Antenna only propagates signals in one direction or it will propagate them in circular area all around ?

3. I found one product suitable for my scenario but I am not sure about it, Please tell me whether it is suitable or not.

Long Range High Powered Bridge/AP - 400mW/9dBi Patch Antenna
Product name: OC400G with 400mW Output Power
Frequency Band: 2.400 to 2.484 Giga Hertz

I couldnt found the range of the signals (the capacity of this product on the documentation)

The product link is:

Please give me your valuable suggestions.
Waiting for your reply,



Thanks for your comment !

Due to some business with my ISA, I couldn't come on the discussion for a long time. Thanks again for reminding me.


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