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Buffalo Terastation errors

I have a Buffalo Terastation and i have been informed that it is full, i would like to logon onto the system in order to edit files that are no longer needed although i have had no problems before the unit has become full.

I can PING the Ip of the Unit with a reply but when i try to log onto it via windows explorer i and unable to locate it, is there a way of accessing it or has my terastation died?

I am running widows XP Pro

And have service pack 2 currently installed and browers are Mozilla Firefox and IE7.
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Thiese thingys do not like being full.

Try to mount it with standard  \\<IP-ADRESS>\share command

Fill in the blanks with IP adress and share name. Seen them to drop out of DNS sometimes...

YellowbusTeamAuthor Commented:
I have tried this solution with no avail, i am open to any more ideas i have thought about connecting it locally to my pc then logging onto it will this work?

if not the only other options are to A) wipe it B) Remove the HDD and use a caddy to access them individually.

Which would be the better option?

So no access from the web-gui either?
Does it say any error code on the display?
Has it changed IP? (you never know)
All drives functional?
YellowbusTeamAuthor Commented:
no web gui,
No error code,
No change in IP as i can PING it and it also tells me the IP on the display
all drives are still functional, have spoke to buffalo support but they weren't that helpful and suggested i tried what i had already done.
So you can ping, but nothing else?
Try using tera station clien utility. If your box has -EM in the end of the name, your TS is in emergency mode.
Some people have fixed the situation first updating firmware to firmware 2.03 (from http://downloads.linkstationwiki.net/TS_PPC/StockFirmware/ or other places)

Then updating to 2.11 from the above site.  

Here's an example of a success story: http://dumpytips.blogspot.com/2007/08/terastation-hs-1tb-emergency-mode.html

The main issue might be a power blackout or similar at the wrong time. TS is quite touchy about them.
I've had a same problem once.

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