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when i do search i can see what i already searched for (drop down list ). is there a way to get rid of this list?

when i do search (google as an example)  i can see what i already searched for (drop down list  ). is there a way to get rid of this list?

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It depends on what browser you are using.

In firefox you can go to Tools > Privacy and then uncheck the box which says "Remember what I enter in forms and the search bar"

In IE7 go to Tools > Internet Options then click the Content Tab and Select "Settings" under Autocomplete. and uncheck the "Forms" button.
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
in firefox:
Go to tools>options>'Privacy' (on the top) & disable "remember what I enter in text boxes...

in IE &co:
Greetings gogoshar !

You can delete the entries directly from the entry box.  In IE, hightlight the entry and hit Delete key. In Firefox highlight the entry and hit Shift + Delete keys.

Hope this helps, war1
If I understood your requirement correctly, you wish to turn of autocompletion of form fields.

You didn't provide the information which browser/operating system you're using (which actually is a rather important piece of information on this sort of questions, since the answer is dependent on the browser) ... let's try to give some of the most common ones (I'm assuming you use Microsoft Windows, however, the procedure is quite similar on other systems too):

Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> Autocomplete -> Settings -> uncheck suitable
(for IE7, if you can't see the "Tools"-menu, right-click on the top of the browser, next to the address bar, and choose "Menu Bar")

Mozilla Firefox (v2.x, sorry, don't have earlier to check)
Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> uncheck "remember what I enter in forms and the search bar"

Opera (v9.x, again, I don't have an earlier browser to check)
Tools -> Preferences -> Wand -> uncheck "let the Wand remember passwords"

Edit -> Preferences -> Autofill -> uncheck suitable
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