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DNS Forwarding and email

Let's say I have the domain - something.jp and that domain is being forwarded to something.com. Currently there are (besides localhost) 4 hostname/aliases set up @,* and www all point at the IP of the .com site. The mail however, doesn't point at the .com IP but a eurodns address.

What I want is when someone surfs to http://anything.something.jp they are redirected to the .com site. However, when sending mail to something@something.jp the email is forwarded to another address (not necessarily @  the something.com address).

Through my EuroDNS account, I've enabled mail forwarding and entered in an address to forward mail to, but when I try to send my to anything@something.jp it gets returned with relay errors.

I have no idea what I'm doing. Help me Obi-Wan.
1 Solution
For mail delivery, you need to set up MX records. These specify your preferred mail delivery locations. You will have records something like:

something.jp.                   IN      MX      10       mail1.eurodns.com.
something.jp.                   IN      MX      20       mail2.eurodns.com.
something.jp.                   IN      MX      30       mail3.eurodns.com.

This shows how mail is directed to another domain within DNS.

However, the mail being directed there will still be addressed to someone@something.jp.

So, you need to configure the mailservers above to accept email for that domain, and then to deliver it appropriately using aliases or virtual domains etc.

If you do not directly control the mailhosts, this is more problematical, as it is unlikely you will be able to configure the mailhosts appropriately.

In this situation, what is often done is that the domain registrar offers a mail redirection service, where the mail goes in to their mailhost, and it is redirected to appropriate addresses as configured.

This configuration is not done in the DNS, but normally through the domain registrar's control panel. There, you will set up where you want the email to be redirected to.


fuggedAuthor Commented:
My apologies...

There were a number of issues preventing the mail forwarding from working properly. I'm not sure that I can recall all of the issue and I've left that job for another.

Thanks for your help Joel.

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