Reinstall/Restore SMS 2003 without registry entries

We had an issue with the server that our SMS 2003 installation resided on.
We ended up having to wipe it and also give it a different IP address. Unfortunately something happened with our System State backups so when we try to restore the system state it crashes the server.

Here's my issue. We are going to be reinstalling SMS 2003, I have the backup of the SMS database. My question is is this possible? Will SMS 2003 work with using the backed up database, different server IP and none of the old registry entries? Or am I looking at having to reinstall everything from scratch?
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This should work with no problem. You may have to push the client again with the "always install" checkbox selected. I doubt you will even have to do that though.
lffitAuthor Commented:
Sweet, that's sounds like good news. I'm leaving this open for another opinion as well. But will awards the points accordingly.
lffitAuthor Commented:
I was able to get my sms site back up and running with just the db logs and files.
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