Microsoft Access ADP file and Office Service Pack 3 problem

Bit of a worry this one. I have a Microsoft Access ADP (data project) file that is used throughout the company connected to Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

Today, I upgraded to Office SP3 and I now have the following problem:

When I go to add a record on a form - it makes two of the tick boxes default to "True" (when they don't in SP2) and it won't add a record to the database, it behaves as though it has but doesn't add it.

This is a potential nightmare if my users start upgrading. Has anyone else come across this?
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There are several problems  being reported with SP3.

The advice from Access Watch and other advisors is to steer clear for the time being.
pauldonsonAuthor Commented:
OK, that gives me some reassurance that it isn't just me!

Force accepted.
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