Can anyone tell me the funtionality of ISA 2006 regarding QoS?

Does it do it natively? Are their particuler limits?
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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Well yes and no. Diffserv does allow you to mark URLs and domains etc to be 'marked' as priority traffic so from that point of view you are correct. However, the term 'co-operative clients' is always thrown in as well meaning that it only works if 'everyone' agrees to the process along the route. As the majority of traffic is going to be external to your site (I assume) then it tends to fall over.....

The nice thing is that diffserv sets a flag in the http header so therefore it should be carried the whole way through but in practice I cannot say I have seen it make a jot of difference. On investigation, I have found that most of the mainstream ISP's do not support QoS on their standard offereings and therefore the QoS bits set in the header get ignored.

So from a purist point of view, yes Diffserv will allow you to set a QoS value against set domains or URLs. In reality, .......
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
ISA does not get involved with external QoS. Sorry
58872Author Commented:
Doesnt the diffserv filter do something though?
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