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Photoshop 7: rendering is slow. Can I force it to not use the paging file?

A client of mine is using Photoshop 7 and he's working with files that can be around 400 MB in size; they are an architectural firm. They just bought this employee a brand new beefy Dell system with 4 GB of RAM.

So this employee is understandably asking me why Photoshop is so slow when its rendering. Its apparently using the paging file when its rendering and were wondering if there is a way to force Photoshop 7 to use physical memory and not the paging file but Im guessing that is a function of the O/S and not Photoshop.

On a side note: I was using Photoshop 7 over the weekend and saw the same slow-down every time Photoshop rendered; it got slower each time it rendered until I rebooted.

I also read that Photoshop CS handled paging and rendering better so it might just be a case where they have to upgrade. Thanks for any helpful insight.
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You are going to use the page file on a 400 mb file. Is that file size the size on disk? If so, it will take up approx 4 times that amount of space in system memory. Plus you'll then have RAM usage for History, plugins, and RAM use for your OS, other open programs, etc.

Photoshop CS2 is the first version that can use more than 2 gb of RAM, so I would get CS2 or CS3, but certainly not CS1. You'll possibly get better RAM management with a newer version, although I haven't used v. 7 for years.

As far as beefy systems go, it Photoshop can humble some seemingly mighty systems! If you're working on large files, 4 gb doesn't seem like much!
Thanks for the grade and points!
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