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Photoshop 7: rendering is slow. Can I force it to not use the paging file?

A client of mine is using Photoshop 7 and he's working with files that can be around 400 MB in size; they are an architectural firm. They just bought this employee a brand new beefy Dell system with 4 GB of RAM.

So this employee is understandably asking me why Photoshop is so slow when its rendering. Its apparently using the paging file when its rendering and were wondering if there is a way to force Photoshop 7 to use physical memory and not the paging file but Im guessing that is a function of the O/S and not Photoshop.

On a side note: I was using Photoshop 7 over the weekend and saw the same slow-down every time Photoshop rendered; it got slower each time it rendered until I rebooted.

I also read that Photoshop CS handled paging and rendering better so it might just be a case where they have to upgrade. Thanks for any helpful insight.
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