How do you publish your outlook contacts as an e-mail address book?

I want to send a blast email to a specific category of persons in my contacts.  I want only each person's name to appear in the "to" field -- and do not want them to see any other names the email was sent to.  I found an answer on how to do this (dated 6/13/05) but i do not know how to do the first step which is:  "Publish your outlook contacts as an e-mail address book, so that the e-mail addresses becomes aailable as data for a Word mail merge."
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Greetings dkoegler !

Enable Contacts Database As An Email Address Book in Outlook 2003

1. click Tools > Email Accounts
2. click on 'View or change existing directories or address books' option.
3. click 'Next'.
4. click on 'Add' button > 'Additional Address Books' option.
5. click 'Next'.
6. click on the 'Outlook Address Book' option.
7. click 'Next'.
8. click on 'Finish' button.

9. click on the 'Contacts' tab
10. right-click on the 'Contacts' option on the left-hand side (under 'My
11. click on the 'Properties' option - see multi-tabbed dialog.
12. click on the 'Outlook Address Book' tab.
13. ensure that the 'Show this folder as an e-mail address book' option is
14. click OK.

Your Contacts database should now be active as an e-mail address book.

Hope this helps, war1
dkoegler, any update?
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