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I am currently seeking a way to resize the contents of a web page that I do not control, to fit the current browser window size. The page contains text as well as images, and I'd need it to resize the images as well. It needs to be compatible with IE6 - however other browsers would be a bonus. This could be through an iframe or with plain javascript. I am open to any suggestions on how I could achieve this.

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Are you able to add JS to the page? You won't be able to execute JavaScript through a frame or iFrame due to security accross domains... Can you describe the circumstances?
I don't believe there is a way to visually reduce the size of any webpage that you do not control so that it no longer has a horizontal scroll bar (I assume this is what you mean).

Actually resizing an entire webpage would require manually changing the width and height attributes of each individual object on the page. (in addition to changing the font size). I am not sure if a proxy website exists which already does this. Maybe another expert will know....
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Thanks for the fast responses. Basically we use a web based traffic monitoring system, and are currently looking to use some new Samsung Intelligent monitors that have an embedded version of XP. The monitor can display web pages, however when you have multiple windows then it simply resizes the window - leaving scroll bars all over the content. As we cannot really edit the code (as we still want it to appear normal for everyone else's browser) I am looking for a way of basically taking shrinking that entire page down to the visible size that you can see on the screen.
>>I am looking for a way of basically taking shrinking that entire page down to the visible size that you can see on the screen.

If that is what you want I am almost sure it is impossible. If you have access to the code, perhaps you could create a special version of the site for those with smaller resolution sizes? (We are dealing with only one site, correct?) Also, take into account that if you shrink the rest of the site the text will also be smaller and might become unreadable.
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