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email forwarder exchange 2003 shows different user display name then sender

Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Hi Experts

There is a weird problem going on up in one of our client sites. Customer has contacts setup in AD with external email accounts for internet blackberry service. Users AD account forwards copy of mail to this address.

Anytime Frances sends an email to Hugh he receives the email in outlook and display name is from Frances. There is a forwarder setup on his account to his blackberry(hugh_stxxxx@o2.ie). When the same email frances sent comes into his blackberry the display name is Yvette. Coincidentally Yvette is a new user in office and her account was setup about 2 weeks ago when this problem happened. For all intents and purposes Yvette also has external account for blackberry.

I copied an existing profile in AD for Yvette when I set her up initially but just about 100% sure it was not Frances profile and from memory it was another profile.

Even if Frances sends email direct to hugh_staxxxx@o2.ie from her outlook it comes from Yvette. If I send an email from another user outlook it show up properly on his blackberry. I have also sent from my own account and all ok. Hugh said that the only issue is with Frances sending and no one else

I have checked Frances, Yvette and Hugh AD account to see if there was anything strange but could not find a thing. None of it is making sense and dont have a trail to go with. All I can say is that it has my head done in.  

I got o2 to setup an o2mail.ie account temporarily and we tested. Same problem so has to be internal.
Thanks in advance
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One of the engineers went up to take a look at issue the other day and it turned out that Hugh's phone had a contact called Yvette but the email address was frances. Dont ask me how this happened and i never thought of looking at contacts on phone.
Thanks anyway for your replies and i willl give you both some points anyway for coming back

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