Upgrade chloride net 70 UPS possible?

Still waiting on a reply from several vendors, has anyone done this or knwo if its possible

currently have a net-70 20 KVA UPS

would like to change to 60 KVA or 40KVA

quoted £40k for new,  is it possible to just geta  bigger battery for the net 70? (hopefully a bit cheaper :-)
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According to the Chloride web site, this UPS is scalable up to 60KVA:
70-NET (10 - 60kVA)
The Chloride NET 70 range of UPS is a modular true on line UPS model with parallel scalable configurations allowing on site power increase. Up to 8 three phase NET 70 units can be connected in parallel.
NET 70 is aimed at IT networks, Enterprise servers, Storage networks and Commercial processing systems.
Product features:
Three phase configuration
Active power factor correction  preserves efficiency
True on line double conversion UPS
Internal automatic and manual bypass switches
Full communications interfacing
Comprehensive LCD display
Hardwired connection
Extension battery runtimes available


So, according to the manufacturer, yes, you can upgrade your current unit.  As to whether this would need more than just the bigger battery - I can't tell from their site.  I would imagine you would need some kind of upgrade to the controlling hardware, but it's possible that is independent of the battery size.  

I'd fill out their quote request indicating what you have (include the model and serial number from the unit) and telling them you want to upgrade this to 60KVA.  Request a quote of ALL the necessary parts to do so.  Should be less than 40K.
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