Permissions question for mailboxes in Exchange 2003

Running Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003 as the client.  The manager of a department wants to be able to view the email of the employees of his department.  In ADUC I went to one employee, pulled up properties -> Exchange Advanced and gave the manager Full Mailbox Access.  Went to file -> open -> other user's folder and he gets the message "Unable to display the folder.  The Inbox folder could not be found."
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laskovdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
manager's user part of Administrators group on AD? there is Deny read on Exchange 2000\2003 for administrators group by default (Security reason)
this is old Kb also apply to Exchange 2003 and 2000:
Hi keithmendez
You need to do it or under from each user by adding manager's account to security tab at root of mailbox and each folder inside.
Try also this:,289142,sid43_gci1119803,00.html
How long did you wait before trying the permission change? Exchange permissions are cached and only flush every couple of hours.


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keithmendezAuthor Commented:
I'd say it's been about 30 minutes now.  So if the permissions are cached and only flush every couple of hours is there a way to expedite this?  Will a reboot of the Exchange box work or will I just have to wait it out?

I have looked thru your article.  Under #3 I clicked on Add and added said user with Full Mailbox Access.
keithmendezAuthor Commented:
Reading thru kb262054 I came across stopping and restarting the Information Store, which I did and I can now access the targeted mailbox.
keithmendezAuthor Commented:
I thank everyone for their input, greatly appreciated.
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