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Delete Permission Problem

I am trying to deny the delete permission for a folder so users do not accidentally delete all the contents of the folder.  But I still want them to be able to read, write, create, and delete sub folders and files.

When I deny the delete permission under special permissions, it does not do anything.  I am still able to delete the main folder.
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how did you check? after applying  the permission, please logoff and login again and then check
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I never did that, but when I changed other permissions they took effect right away without having to log off and log back in.
check inheritance and propogation settings on folders or drives above...these will make life interesting if not catered for
yes but if the user has the session, we need to reset it. thats why logoff and login and then check
i removed inheritanc, and checked effective permissions for my user, the delete permission was unchecked.....I logged off and logged back on but i was still able to delete the folder
is the user member of any perticular group that has the allow - modify or full control access?
Only the domain admins group
domain admins group must be having full access to folder. please remove the user from domain admins group and then check
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