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I have people with the same email domain name - e.g. But they are not within the local domain of that name. I don't want to add all their email coming in to the domain, nor abandon exchange. Is there a way round it please? running sbs 2003 premium R2 and outlook 2003
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Yes, there almost certainly is, although it isn't a brilliant method you can still keep Exchange. First of all, edit the Recipient Policy so that Exchange doesn't think it is responsible for ALL email sent to your domain You then need to configure a setting in your SMTP virtual server to forward all mail which Exchange can't resolve to a local mailbox to the address of the external mail server which your other users' mailboxes are on. This is all summarised in my post here: http:Q_22872585.html#a20016532

However, I don't know how your email currently gets to the SBS at present. If you are using the POP3 connector to download from a mailbox at the other mail server, that is fine and you can continue using this method. If mail arrives at the SBS first, (the MX is set to deliver to SBS Exchange direct) then the settings you made previously should still apply and forward mail to external users on to the external mail server.

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