User not receiving / viewing email in Outlook 2003

Hello All,

         I have an interesting issue involving Exchange / Outlook 2003. I created a new user account in AD along with a new mailbox for that user. The user can log into his mailbox fine with Outlook 2003. The user is not receiving / sending or view messages sent to him. I have sent a couple messages to him and he never receives them. Also I send message to my work email using his outlook and I never receive them. Their are items in his mailbox when I check the mailbox store. He has no messages in display view when he is in outlook even though he should have messages sent to him. Internal users sent his messages and he never received them. Any suggestions?

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
You should not copy a users account, nor should you create a user account in ADUC on an SBS.  Please try to create a user account the "SBS-way" by using the Add User Wizard found in the SBS Server Management Console > Users Snap-in.

FYI:  The Add User wizard is the second most complex wizard on SBS 2003, the first being the Internet
Connection Wizard.

Add User Wizard provides the following:

          ==> Creates user account. Allow multiple users to be created.
          ==> Enables Exchange e-mail services for the user.
                  Exchange mailboxes are created if e-mail alias is specified.
          ==> Sends an introductory e-mail to the user.
                  The e-mail content is located in   %sbsprogramdir%\Administration\samplemail.htm.
          ==> Assigns the user to Exchange distribution lists.
          ==> Grants access to network resources such as shared folders, printers, and fax printers.
          ==> Grants permissions to SharePoint.
          ==> Grants the user VPN/Dial-in access or not via group membership.
          ==> Gives the user remote administration privileges or not via group membership.
          ==> Deploys software to user computers (launches the Setup Computer wizard).
          ==> Assigns user(s) a logon script \\servername\NETLOGON\SBS_LOGON_SCRIPT.bat.
                  If a logon script already exists for the user, a pointer to the SBS logon script is appended
                  to the existing logon script. Logon script entry: \\servername\Clients\Setup\Applnch.exe /s servername

Keeping things configured according to SBS's design is what ensures that your SBS will perform as expected (or better than expected) and will remain secure.  I'd hightly suggest that you review the SBS overview for IT Pros:


Can you view the messages using OWA? Try http://exchangeservername/exchange from within your LAN while logged on as the user.

Have you tried setting up his outlook profile again or better still from another computer?
greenbeanx81Author Commented:
I did map the another outlook to his account and I still can not see anything. I made a mistake on the user's account and delete the original user's AD profile and mailbox. I then recreated the profile using the same login name and created a mailbox for the user. Could that have something to do with this?
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yes, please delete and recreate the outlook profile
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
How did you create this user account?  Did you use the SBS's Add-User Wizard?  Or did you create it directly in Active Directory?

If you created it directly in AD, chances are that you put it in the wrong OU.  On an SBS all users must be in the domain.local\MyBusiness\Users\SBSUsers OU.  This would happen by default when using the SBS Add-User Wizard which also creates the mailbox automatically (among many other things).

Are the messages in any of the queue's in System Manager? Can you track the messages via Message Tracker?
greenbeanx81Author Commented:
I used Active Directory user's and computers to create the account. I tried creating a new user account with a new mailbox created. Now I sent a test email to the administrator account. The administrator account received the email but when I reply back to the newly created user he does not receive anything in his Outlook mailbox. I tried using the Find Message Tracker but I did not find any messages sent to the user. I did send a test email internally to the user but nothing shows. I do not understand why now I can send but when I reply back to the user he is not receiving it. Any Suggestions?
Are you using SBS? If so you should use the wizards not ADU&C as Jeff pointed out otherwise strange things can occur.
greenbeanx81Author Commented:
I copied a users account and created the user in the proper OU..
greenbeanx81Author Commented:
Ok, I spoke to soon about message tracking. I can see their were messages sent to the user but he can not see them in either OWA or Outlook
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