nvidia 8600GT raid gone. help!

Hi there, I got a dell 531 AMD 64 x2, 1 250 hard drive with pc restore.  problem is that one of my relatives had reset my bios and now i don't have the nvidia mirror array or nvidia space, whatever you call it.  I was hoping if you any have the bios setup, that way i can set it up in my bios.  or maybe help me get nvidia RAID up and running again,  right now i got 6 partitions, showing in my computer.  I should have only 3 partiton that dell created.   If you can't help, its ok.
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Just go back into the BIOS (press F2 as soon as the system turns on), and scroll down to drives and press enter. Then go to SATA Operation, and just select RAID ON and press enter. Press ESC, then save and reboot. Hope this helps.
kliethermesAuthor Commented:
It's on, but the nvidia is doing rebuild on a drive or something.
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