Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop XP pro some keys typing numbers insted of letters

Hi there,  A friends Dell Inspiron 1150 Laptop has some letter keys that are typing numbers. You have to hold down the function key to get the actual letter to type instead of the number that is on the key, and one at a time :(  Does anyone know if there is a way to make the keyboard do all letters again by default?
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skree358Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You have enabled Num lk. To disable it, just press the FN key and the Num-lk key. Make sure that the light on the lock with the 9 symbol near the power button is turned off.
Try this sequence:
- Get in Bios page by press F2 during start up
- Turn on Cap Lock Num Lock and Scroll Lock
- Type in sequence ALt+E Alt+F and Alt+B

That should reset to default setting for all.
This excerpt is taken from the Dell documentation for this model laptop on page 34 of this  manual

To enable the keypad, press <Fn><F11>. The  (9)light indicates that the keypad is active.
To use the numeric function when the keypad is enabled, press <Fn> and the desired key.
To disable the keypad, press <Fn><F11> again.
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