opening image on top of a browser window -> Click on the third image on the vertical menu, "Concept".

It opens up an image, and turns everything else in the background to be darkened.

anyone know how I can create that effect?
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DaydreamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi keewong,

The method is called "lightbox", and can be seen here:

There are instructions on that page.

Here are some additional choices:

Sure, it's not too hard, using CSS and Javascript. On a click on the menu item, you put a dark layer up which covers the entire screen, but set to 75% opacity. Centered in that layer is the photo - not as a background image, though, or it would have transparency as well. Also using javascript, if you click anywhere on the dark layer, you hide that layer again.

keewongAuthor Commented:
thanks LHerrou,

I'm not very much a programmer, anyway to set up the css file, and html file and post it?
keewongAuthor Commented:
thats beautiful! thanks Daydreams!
You're welcome keewong and good luck with your project! :-)
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