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I need a network print server for the 6110xi hp multi function.  It seems the 175x jetdirect works.  I saw 6035A on the internet in google.  On ebay the 175x jetdirect sells as the 6035a 6035b 6035d 6035g  .... does it matter?  Do you think this is the best print server for the hp 6110xi multifunction?

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The data sheet in your link (dated 2002) lists the j6035a; hence the later versions should also work.
HP have these weird part numbers. As far as I know the 175x is the same as model number 6036G. It is supposed to work with "most HP peripherals with a USB connection". The data sheet lists:

HP Deskjet printers: 895, 930*, 950*, 970*, 990*, 1220* series
HP LaserJet printers: 1200/1220 print/copy/scan*, 2200*, 3200* series
HP Officejet G55*, G85*, K80/K80xi printer/fax/scanner/copier (All-in-One)
HP Photosmart P1100, P1200*

Note that the 6110 is not listed, and HP's website does not list the 175x as an accessory for the 6100 series either.

USB printers generally do not work through a printserver. Unless the documentation specifically states the combination will work, you have to assume it won't. Unless you know for certain that it will, I suggest calling HP to check.
I just noticed the data sheet is dated 2003, and it's for the 6035C (or rather, J6035C). That explains why the 6100 is not listed. The J6035G will be the latest version, and may support the 6110.

I would still recommend a call to HP. They should be able to tell you which is the earliest version (if any) that has support for the 6110.
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