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Little Blue Box in Upper Left Hand Corner

I have a small box in the upper left hand corner on Windows XP Pro. It goes away if I kill a process "iexplore.exe", but it's not typical IE. How do I get rid of it? Please, no generic run-a-virus-scanner or something. Looking for specific instructions.
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1 Solution
iexplore.exe is your Microsoft's internet explorer,   the "little box" you see in the top left corner is a minimised internet explorer running a program.
this is probalby trying to initialise something you have loaded or installed - I have a similar box appear when trying to initilise my graphics tablet I installed and also my scanner.

look in your starup programs and see what is running that might do this  (go to start/ all programs/start up)  - if there is nothing there check the startup in msconfig (goto start/run/msconfig) and click on the start up tab. and check the programs that start up )

also check what's been installed recently - goto start .all programs/accessories./system tools/ restore
this will bring up a wizard which you can follow - when it brings up a calender click on the dark dates in the past and it will tell you what has been installed. this mightr give you a clue to what it causing te little box.

I should say - that my "little box" disappears after a few seconds once the initialiseation is complete.
maybe you have something switched off or dosconnected that is stopping the "little box" from completing"

OR you have soem malware/spyware that needs removing and Irecommend spybot (bloody brililant)
GivenRandyAuthor Commented:
Narrowed down with msconfig and changed with StartEd. Thanks!

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