Stop error mentions vsdatant.sys anyone know what that means? Or what that file is?

Hi There,  I got the blue screen stop error that mentioned vsdatant.sys    I warm booted and the sytem came back up ok...does anybody know what the vsdatant.sys is?  Thank you,  Greta
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Here is some information on that file:

Looks like it's part of a program called TruVector...
"The process TrueVector Device Driver belongs to the software TrueVector Device Driver or vsdatant or ZoneAlarm or ZoneAlarm with Antivirus or ZoneAlarm Security Suite or ZoneAlarm Pro or ZoneAlarm Anti-virus by Zone Labs Inc ( or Zone Labs, LLC or Zone Labs LLC ("
Zone Alarm file
Yep, everything I'm seeing says that this is part of ZoneAlarm. If you continue to have this problem, you might try uninstalling ZoneAlarm and seeing if the problem goes away.
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