EX2003 OWA RPC over HTTP problem

     I am using MS Exchange 2003 on Windows 2003 servers in front end / back end setup for OWA.  

     The name on the front end server web certificate had to be changed from bert.domain.com to mail.domain.com to support handheld devices.  The certificate was re-issued with the new name and handheld devices were able to get to Exchange.  However, this broke the RPC over HTTP which had been working for over a year.  The certificates are from the internal CA not a third party CA.

   The Outlook RCPDIAG option shows that Outlook is trying to go to connect to the server but authentication never happens.  Instead I get an error (eventually) that it is unable to authenticate.

    I have tried changing Exchange proxy settings in Outlook client to reflect the new name and tried various versions of authentication.  OWA just does not work now using RPC over HTTP.  Using OWA internally or coming through the VPN and using it does work.

   Any suggestions or explanation why changing the certificate would cause RPC over HTTP to break?  Thanks in advance.


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redseatechnologiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
RPC/HTTP cannot handle certificate errors.

If you have changed the name on the cert, you will need to change the name in outlook as well (wherever you see bert.yourdomain.com - change to mail.yourdomain.com)

Also, from one of these workstations, go to https://mail.yourdomain.com/rpc - do you get a certificate prompt?  DO NOT LOGIN.
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