Installation of Exchange 2003 with ISP's mail servers

Hello all,
I am new to Exchange Server installation. Currently my ISP holds all the MX records and all my mail serving needs, but we decided to install SBS and Exchange Server in our company (4 people), in order to make use of the public folders, etc.

My question is: Instead of forwarding the MX records of my domain to our mail server, is there a way of letting the MX records and the mailboxes to the ISP, and then "somehow" our internal Exchange Server, connects to the ISP's mail server and downloads all the messages, and hold them in mailboxes on it, until the clients download the emails?

Thank you in advance
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redseatechnologiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Here is an overview of the CEICWizard, this is where you configure the option (with pictures)

More from the product group -> (downloadable)

Yes, this is covered in the installation of SBS - it is called the POP3 Connector, and does exactly what you want it to.  It download mail using POP3 and put it into Exchange.

This is not a long term solution though, you should aim to change the MX records as soon as is feasible

dinosaurusAuthor Commented:
can you guide me to some resources to read about this please?
dinosaurusAuthor Commented:
I have 4 mailboxes now, that are of different domain names!!!! All these are routed correctly with the POP3 Connector to some local folders. Can I instead forward them to a public folder and how? So all the incoming messages are stored to a public folder, so that any of my employees can categorise them?

If this is considered a second question, please let me know and I will raise the points!
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