Java == comparison of Dates and Double (object)

Posted on 2007-10-08
Last Modified: 2013-11-23
I have a question in simple Java comparisons ..can I use == to compare Dates(java.util.Date) and Double (objects)

Can we compare Dates by using ==

someObject.getDate() == someObject2.getDate()  

someObject.getDoubleValue() =someObject2.getDoubleValue()

Question by:micro_learner
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    Accepted Solution

    No, the correct method would be someObject.getDate().equals(someObject2.getDate())

    However, in the case a double you can, because it is a primitive value.
    If you have a Double object however use the .equals method
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    Expert Comment

    just a hint on using equals method for date object,

    if you just want to compare the date and not worry about the time( hour, min, sec... ) they got created, you may have to set 0 for them and do the compare!

    and everything said by jman56 is correct!
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    Expert Comment

    Another hint: when comparing objects, that is non primitive values,
    you are comparing values with .equals() but you are comparing addresses with == !!!

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    I agree with what has been said above.
    The bottom line is this: Always compare two objects (Date's, Double's or whatever) with equals()

    A nice example illustrating what sciuriware said is this:

            StringBuffer buf1 = new StringBuffer("Hello");
            StringBuffer buf2 = new StringBuffer("Hello");
            String myStr1 = buf1.toString();
            String myStr2 = buf2.toString();
            if (myStr1 == myStr2)
                System.out.println("1) equal");
                System.out.println("1) not equal");
            if (myStr1.equals(myStr2))
                System.out.println("2) equal");
                System.out.println("2) not equal");

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    Expert Comment

    You can sue this to compare just the day date month of two dates where date1 and date two are both type Date:

    double difference = (new Date(date1.getYear(),date1.getMonth(),date1.getDate(),0,0,0)).getTime() - (new Date(date2.getYear(),date2.getMonth(),date2.getDate(),0,0,0)).getTime();
    difference = (int)Math.round(difference/86400000.0);

    If the difference is 0, then dates are equal, otherwise provides the number of days between the two dates.

    Hope this helps!
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    Expert Comment

    And - to compare two doubles just use:
    d1 == d2

    Returns true or false, as explained earlier you can just compare two doubles without using any special code.
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    Expert Comment

    They are right. To compare double, just use ==. If you wanna compare Double, then use equals. Here's a correct example..

            double firstdouble = 1.23;
            double seconddouble = 1.23;
                 Double firstDouble = 3.33;
          Double secondDouble = 3.33;
            if(firstdouble == seconddouble)
                System.out.println("comparing double and double using == operator");

                System.out.println("comparing Double and Double using equals");

    you cannot compare double using equals as it will throw you "double cannot be dereferenced" when compile.
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    Expert Comment

    as for DATE, u can use compareTo to compare them

           Date a = new Date();
          Date b = new Date();
          Date c = new Date(106,3,1);
          System.out.println("a=" + a);
          System.out.println("b=" + b);
          System.out.println("c=" + c);

          if(a.compareTo(b) == 0)


          if(a.compareTo(c) > 0)

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