Setup a VPM Tunnel Between 2 Linksys Routers

Hi, so I am new to setting up a VPN tunnel. I have two linksys routers one one is a BEFVP41 and the other is a BEFSX41... I want to set up a tunnel between the two routers so the systems on the BEFSX41 can see the servers on the BEFVP41... I got the two to say connected but I'm not sure how this is supposed to work. The first question is going to seem a little silly... What should the IP addresses be? Should the two networks use the same IP addresses?

The main location (BEFVP41) is a 192.168.13.XXX network... should the other location use the same? or should it be different? If it is different how do the systems talk to each other on each end of the tunnel? As I said I get the two routers to connect to each other but you can ping across the tunnel and I have the NetBIOS turned on, on each router.

So right now the two ends are set up as

IP 192.168.13.XXX

IP 192.168.14.XXX

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I've been looking all over for a simple walk through to set up a Linksys to Linksys Tunnel with no luck...

Thanks in advance for any help...
Gregg BattagliaCEOAsked:
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To answer the first question, keep your subnets as they are, it is a requirement that each location should be on a seperate subnet.

Try this link for vpn setup on linksys, havent used it myself but may be of help to you :

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Gregg BattagliaCEOAuthor Commented:
That was a great page... last question is how do I configure the workstations on the remote side... should they be setup as if they were internal to the main office or internal to the remote router, and how do I get them to look at the main office?
Set them up as "internal to the remote router" on their own subnet. You should check the setup of the routers once the vpn config has been done. Part of the config, which should probably be done as part of the setup, will be the routing between the subnets.
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