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Few questions about Cisco routing

Posted on 2007-10-09
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2011-10-03
Hi everyone,

I have provided a simple Word Document here, so networking experts can confirm me which questions I have answered incorrectly. I have gone to the Cisco test last week and all of a sudden this hard test comes by and I managed to score only 60+% out of 100%. Most of teh questions were outside teh scope of the new curriculum.

Here is the link to download the Word Document:


I hope that you will find some time to look over those questions and possibly point me to teh right answers or better yet write the correct answer for every question.

Many thanks in advance.
Question by:vala900
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Author Comment

ID: 20039673
Bump :)

No takers... This is supposed to be too easy question for 500 pts.
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Expert Comment

by:Jan Springer
ID: 20040810
Please either upload the file as an ascii text file or post the contents of the document and I'll take a look at it.

Author Comment

ID: 20042390
OK thanks for your time, I hope these will be easier for you guys there.. The questions that I answered are marked with ***
Refer to the exhibit (please see link to picture below). Which static route should be configured on Router1 so that host A will be able to reach host B on the network?
The link to exhibit picture: http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/6940/48832418hd2.jpg

a.      ip route
b.      ip route ******
c.      ip route S0/0/1
d.      ip route S0/0/0

What term refers to a group of networks that uses the same internal routing policies and is controlled by a single administrative authority?
a.      Internet
b.      intranet
c.      virtual private network
d.      autonomous system *****

Which three correctly pair a routing metric with its description? (Choose three.)
a.      hop count - the number of routers traversed to reach a destination  ****
b.      bandwidth - the amount of time it takes a packet to travel a link
c.      load - the amount of activity on a link  *****
d.      delay - the link speed
e.      reliability - the error rate on a link ****

A network administrator has a multi-floor LAN to monitor and maintain. Through careful monitoring, the administrator has noticed a large amount of broadcast traffic slowing the network. Which device would you use to best solve this problem?
a.      bridge
b.      hub
c.      router ****
d.      transceiver

Hosts on two separate subnets cannot communicate. The network administrator suspects a missing route in one of the routing tables. Which three commands can be used to help troubleshoot Layer 3 connectivity issues? (Choose three.)
a.      ping  *****
b.      show arp
c.      traceroute *****
d.      show ip route  *****
e.      show interface
f.      show cdp neighbor detail

Refer to the exhibit (see link to picture below). Hosts on the and networks cannot communicate. What is the cause of this problem?
Teh link to exhibit picture: http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/8717/52201739gm9.jpg
a.      improper address on serial 0/1/0
b.      improprer address on fastethernet 0/0
c.      incorrect network statements  *******
d.      the fa0/0 must be configured as passive

Which two statements are true regarding the advantages of the use of static routes? (Choose two).
a      increased security
b      reduced effort in configuring routes
c      the administrator maintains control over routing  *******
d      easier to implement in a growing network  ******
e      reduces the chance of routing errors
f      increased router resource usage

What two devices are responsible for converting the data from the WAN service provider into a form acceptable by the router? (Choose two).
a      the serial port of the router
b      a modem
c      a switch
d      the ethernet port of the router
e      a CSU/DSU device ******
f      a DTE device  ******

A network administrator has configured a border router as shown. What is the effect of the network command configuration?

Router(config)#router bgp 1100
a      defines a neighbor network
b      advertises an internal route  ********
c      defines a default static route to the ISP
d      creates a route to a remote AS network

Which three factors influence the BGP routing decisions of border gateway routers? (Choose three.)
a      local preferences
b      LAN bandwidth
c      WAN connection type
d      AS path *****
e      routing policies *****
f      network congestion ******

Which command would a network administrator use to determine if the routers in an enterprise have learned about a newly added network?
a      router# show ip address
b      router# show ip route  *******
c      router# show ip networks
d      router# show ip interface brief
e      router# debug ip protocol
f      router# debug rip update

What happens to a static route entry in a routing table when the outgoing interface is not available?
a      The route is removed from the table.
b      The router polls neighbors for a replacement route.
c      The route remains in the table because it was defined as static.  ******
d      The router redirects the static route to compensate for the loss of the next hop device.

The administrator for one autonomous system (AS) creates routing rules based on the security, performance, and reliability of each connecting AS. What are these rules called?
a      routing protocols
b      routing policies  *******
c      routing tables
d      route maps

Which command will display RIP activity as it occurs on a router?
a      debug ip rip
b      show ip route
c      show ip interface
d      show ip protocols  ******
e      debug ip rip config
f      show ip rip database

Which of the following are valid static IP routes( see exhibit picture below)? (Choose three.)
Exhibit picture link: http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/8987/76213417he3.jpg

a      RouterB(config)# ip route S1  ****
b      RouterC(config)# ip route S1
c      RouterA(config)# ip route ******
d      RouterB(config)# ip route
e      RouterC(config)# ip route  *******
f      RouterA(config)# ip route


Why is fast convergence desirable in networks that use dynamic routing protocols?
a      Routers will not allow packets to be forwarded until the network has converged.
b      Hosts are unable to access their gateway until the network has converged.
c      Routers may make incorrect forwarding decisions until the network has converged.  *****
d      Routers will not allow configuration changes to be made until the network has converged.

Which statement is true concerning directly connected routes?
a      They appear in the routing table as soon as cables are connected to the router.
b      They appear in the routing table when an IP address is configured on an interface.
c      They appear in the routing table when the no shut command is entered in the router interface configuration mode.  *******
d      They appear in the routing table when the show interface shows the interface is up, line protocol is up.

By default, which two factors does EIGRP use for calculating its metric? (Choose two.)
a      hop count
b      bandwidth ******
c      cost
d      delay *****
e      administrative distance

What is the purpose of a routing protocol?
a      It is used to build and maintain ARP tables.
b      It provides a method for segmenting and reassembling data packets.
c      It allows an administrator to devise an addressing scheme for the network.
d      It allows a router to share information about known networks with other routers.  ****
e      It provides a procedure for encoding and decoding data into bits for packet forwarding.

What are the three functions provided by the RIPv2 protocol? (Choose three.)
a      learning the available routes to all destinations  ****
b      providing an addressing scheme for identifying networks  ****
c      placing the best route in the routing table
d      removing routes from the routing table when they are no longer valid  ******
e      carrying user data to the destination network
f      informing LAN hosts of new default gateway addresses

I hope the answers will be easy to be given now from experts on ee.com
Many thanks for your time and I look forward to your answers.
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Accepted Solution

Jan Springer earned 2000 total points
ID: 20043782
At a glance:

1 -> d -> (imho, don't route to interfaces in real life)
4 -> c  (but not really)  I'd put a managed switch with a proper config to minimize broadcasts
7 -> b d (if I *have* to choose two) but really -> none of the above
9 -> b (but the route must also be in the routing table via connected, static, or null route)
10 -> a d e
15 -> b c e
17 -> d
20 -> a c d  (I don't use RIP, just going by how how routing protocols handle c)

Author Comment

ID: 20048459
I will take a look and see if your pointed answers are correct. I hope that more answers will follow..


Expert Comment

ID: 20100980
show this website be used to answer someones cisco homework?
LVL 29

Expert Comment

by:Jan Springer
ID: 20102169
Normally, I would say no.  But it appeared that the poster had already taken the test (and failed).

While I find it hard to believe that the tester did not provide the correct answers, I took the poster at his word.

Your call, Peter, if you believe that I need to re-think this in the future.

Author Comment

ID: 20129482
Hi Jesper thanks for your time. If possible can you please correct which of these questions were answered wrong from me. It took this otehr test and scored 79.2%, just 0.8 % shy of the "benchmark"..

My answers are marked with ****

Which means of communication does an SNMP network agent use to provide a network management station with important but unsolicited information?
      ICMP ping

Which benefit does SSH offer over Telnet when remotely managing a router?
      TCP usage
      connection using six VTY lines

A company wants to configure a firewall to monitor all channels of communication and allow only traffic that is part of a known connection. Which firewall configuration should be deployed?
      packet filtering ******
      stateful packet inspection
      stateless packet inspection

What is the term for the public network between the boundary router and the firewall?
      "clean" LAN
      DMZ ****

Which AAA service reduces IT operating costs by providing detailed reporting and monitoring of network user behavior, and also by keeping a record of every access connection and device configuration change across the network?
      accounting ******

A server log includes this entry: User student accessed host server ABC using Telnet yesterday for 10 minutes. What type of log entry is this?
      accounting ******

Before a technician upgrades a server, it is necessary to back up all data. Which type of backup is necessary to ensure that all data is backed up?
      full *****

A technician has configured a wireless network with WEP encryption. Several users who were able to use the wireless network are now unable to connect to the access point. What is the probable cause for the connection problem?
      WEP is a strong encryption technique that requires a successful handshake to establish connnectivity.
      The access point cannot broadcast SSIDs when WEP is enabled.
      The users have not configured their computers for WEP encryption. ******
      The access point uses 64-bit encryption, which is obsolete with newer wireless NICs.

What AAA component assigns varying levels of rights to users of network resources?
      authorization *****
      access control

Which type of authentication can be processed with or without the use of WEP keys in an 802.11 environment?
      shared key *****

Which of the following does SNMP use to hold information collected about the network?
      network management station
      network management database
      management information base ******
      database information agent

As per Peters remark, this is not actually my homework, because I need to clarify where I was wrong in those questions so when i go to the test again, I have an idea where do I need to focus more, to similar (not same) questions.

Once again I thanks you for your time and I look forward to reply.

LVL 29

Assisted Solution

by:Jan Springer
Jan Springer earned 2000 total points
ID: 20130635
Incorrect answers:

1. trap
3. stateful packet inspection

#10 says "with or without keys" so I'd have to think the answer was 'selective' (i.e., radius)

Author Comment

ID: 20132799
Thanks Jesper,
I will take a look and come back with the score. IN meantime I figured it too that trap is the correct answer for the first question. I will be looking for the rest tonight..

Author Comment

ID: 20141742
Hello Jesper,
I went to my test last night and  you were right about questions 1 and 3 while teh question 10 has "open" as teh right answer.

I really appreciate your time, and I hope these 500 pts serve your reputation well.

My best regards,

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