Remote VPN Issues Have Their Internet Connection Redirected Through The Small Business Server

A company has approximately 30 employees, 20 of which work remotely. Whenever users remotely connect to the server using a VPN, their Internet connection works incredibly slowly. Broadband speed tests show that their connection speeds drop from approximately 2MB to less than dial up speed and their Internet IP address ( tested through IP Chicken ) changes from their local Internet Service provider to the head office Internet Provider. Upon disconnecting the VPN the Internet returns to normal.

Changing the primary DNS to a generic Internet DNS site does not help as it appears that the IP address allocated by the small business server, after the VPN connects, sets the primary and secondary DNS to the server, which overides any primary DNS setting on the server.

Apart from the very slow Internet connection, this issue also seems to be causing performance issues with the VPN.

How can this be resolved, so that only Exchange email and shared folder access work through the VPN ?  
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What you described above is very common for VPN connection. Once VPN is connected your workstation is actually establishing a secured tunnel between the workstation and your server through internet, just as if he/she is connected locally in the office.

Internet connection will be slow because of the low Uploading speed. Even you have a 8Mb line your uploading speed would probably be about 756Kb (usually much less than that). Remember that when you connected through VPN your server uploads data to your workstation.

You may consider using RWW (Remote Web Workspace) which is even more secured and "faster". Its a built-in feature in SBS2003 so why not utilising it. Have a look at the link regarding RWW.

Regarding emails, user can use OWA (Outlook Web Access) through RWW or just a normal internet browser. It is again a built-in feature for SBS therefore there is no need to purchase any additional software and/or licence.

If your user insists to use Outlook to do email, you may consider RPC over HTTPS. It requires some configuration on the server (registry settings too) but again its already there with SBS.

Using these means no more slow VPN connections. Need to open the appropriate ports on your firewall though.

Hope this helps.

itcroydonAuthor Commented:
OK, presumably there is no way of changing the DNS information provided by the server, once the VPN connection is established? If the server provided a primary DNS address which was Internet based and a secondary DNS address which was server based, then this might resolve the issue with the Internet connection going through the server!?

I appreciate however that this may not be possible and if not, we can consider the above options.
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