Vsftpd & mysql authentication with Pam

Hey guys

for a while I have been using vsftpd, I have users locked to their chroot, I have been using a system using db_42, which has a db file and a text file with all the users and passwords.

When I have a new user, I just wack it into the text file, and then recompile the database, I know its a bit shoddy, buts its the only t hing that I have ever got working for authentication with vsftpd.

I read a recent article on how to authenticate with mysql and pam, I think im 80% there but its not working ok.

I was wondering if anyone successfully managed to get it working and maybe help me with some direction?

Thanks ever so much

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Have a read of


It looks like you will need pam_mysql
thechase22Author Commented:
Hey thanks for the info

I should have mentioned im using pam_mysql.

And I think the 2nd article you mentioned, thats the original I have been working on.

I will look at your first recommendation, but I have no idea to check if pam_mysql is talking with mysql, I cant investigate where its stopping.

Ill get back after I read the first article, thanks for your fast reply
thechase22Author Commented:
Any more contenders want to help me ?
thechase22Author Commented:
Closing off this question, thanks for your inputs.
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