SBS Network Comunication Problems

I run a small SBS 2003 network (15 clients) which is starting to encounter a few niggling problems

1. I can ping the server from all the clients but not the clients from the server. Also clients cannot ping some of the other clients and vice versa. They all have access to the network shares, internet, and are all listed in my network places.
2. The reason I established there was a ping error was when after a recent update to Symantec client security, I could not communicate with the clients from the management console. I therefore cannot setup global policies with regard to this software.

I know its probably something simple but it really is getting on my nerves. I suspect its some sort of DNS issue but cannot be sure. I've looked at everything so many times its all become a blur!
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
First thing to check is the firewall settings on clients (and server)
RonCairnsIT MAnagerCommented:
What version of Symantec Client Security do you have ?
Have you configured the firewall settings from symantec firewall administrator ???
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jezhuntAuthor Commented:
All clients windows firewalls are turned off. This happens when you install SCS, but I had turned them off using group policy anyway.

We have SCS 3.1.6

I have looked through the firewall administrator but haven't changed anything from the default settings.
RonCairnsIT MAnagerCommented:
In my (65+ users )network I had similar kind of issue earlier, we updated the SCS and lost lots of client communication in Symantec System Center console, if thats what you are refering to.
I copied the security certificate from SCS and pasted mannualy  into each client,
 uninstall SCS from client and remote install it again [not the best option, i know]
if you are up for cert. copy paste i'll post the folder to copy and paste from.

jezhuntAuthor Commented:
I am willing to give the certificate a go. Will you let me know details. I did read up about checking the certificate yesterday and in the machines I looked at, the correct folder had a certificate in. However whether it was correct or not I couldn't tell.

Is this likely to resolve the pinging issue though? I have just noticed that I cannot browse the entire network through my network places which I used to be able to do.

Thanks for your help so far

RonCairnsIT MAnagerCommented:
I would just try this on one PC only... Yes it is likely to resolve the issue, however cannot promise.
Also please can you tell me is it vista or win xp clients in question ?
Also have you done all windows updates, i donno if you use SUS or mannually update the clients, but some SCS updates won't work for sure.
If you don't have latest windows updates and .NET framework updates SCS screws up, thats my experience...
Following is the cert procedure :  its straight forward -

Copy the cert from : [SCS Server box]
C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec System Center\pki\roots

and Paste into : [Clients PC]
C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\pki\roots
jezhuntAuthor Commented:
No joy with the certifcate. The one on the server was exactly the same. Copied it anyway just in case and still getting same problems. I copied from the server to my client Dell laptop. All our clients run XP SP2 and I use WSUS to keep them updated.

I wish I hadn't done the update now as it was all working fine before hand and now I'm getting lots of annoying little glitches. One client this morning kept asking for the Office 2003 install disk as it needed to load components. The machine has been operating fine for the last 2 yrs no problems, and now the bosses one won't allow the user to copy pictures from his camera to a project file saying the disc is full.

I've always found Symantec causes more problems than it solves, it's just too over the top for most peoples needs but unfortunately I have to accpet my bosses wishes.

Anymore suggestions gratefully received.
jezhuntAuthor Commented:
I have taken drastic action and uninstalled SCS from two clients and the server, Hey presto all is resolved. I think I will reinstall the AV component only and leave the firewall off until I can get my head round it. We have a hardware firewall anyway so feel anything else is over the top at the moment

RonCairnsIT MAnagerCommented:
Just for the info ???
wht workstations do you have XP or VISTA ????
jezhuntAuthor Commented:
Disable Nortons and try again. Nortons is know for closing curtain ports for network communication.
jezhuntAuthor Commented:
I have reinstalled Client security and disabled the firewall on all installations for now. Everything seems fine now.
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