Lotus Notes/Domino Web Development. How do I get my existing Notes app webafied? "User not authenticated" Issue.


i'm do some Notes development every now and then (not as much as I'd like!) for Notes clients, but I have never done anything with for the web.

I'm now trying to create a web app.  I'm got a siimilar Notes db that I want to use as a starting point for my new wep app.   What do i need to do to get it up and running? Any steps I need to go through?

I've discovered that I can access it lpcally from a browser via http://localhost/db_name.nsf  and it comes up looking Okish, but when I try to create a new document, It asks me to enter my username and password to connect to local host.    My notes pasword/Notes internet password and network one don't seem to work.  

What usename and password is it expecting?    Is this a password issue, or a ACl setup thing?

Thanks for any help.

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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First off, just drop a copy on the server, so you don't have to worry about running the "fake" Domino server on your client.  Things can get confused in a hurry when using iNotes and web preview on your client.

If you MUST do it this way, then you will need a copy of your person document in your personal address book, so the web preview Domino server on your workstatioin has a place to look up your password.  In additin, do not rely on groups in the ACL, enter your user name explicitly.

If your Notes client app does not use LotusScript or agents, it should translate decently to the web.  Any LotusScript on yoru forms will no longer function.  Agents need to be adapted, since they don't always "understand" the context -- in a Notes client, you always know what doc(s) is/are selected, that's a bit trickier on the web.

Your next steps are to refine the bare-bones fell of the web app, so you start thinking about what happens when users submit (save and close) a document, how views appear, how to navigate.  That's not really a topic for this forum, that's a general knwoledge you have to gain.  You can ask specific questions here.  There are some (mostly outdated) books on this, and a couple of IBM redbooks.
It is asking for your internet password, and  your shortname

Open up your People/Person document in the server address book and check for the shortname and internet password fields.  you may need to edit / add these details if not already there

Point to note -- depending on how the server is configured, it may not accept your shortname, and you may need to type your full notes name.

Alos, you (the person doc) needs a mention in the ACL of the database, but I guess that is already there if you can access view the Notes Client.  

Also worth Checking the ACL of the DB to ensure the the Maximum permissions for web users is set in the advance tab
IanWoodAuthor Commented:
Thanks.    Still no luck I'm afraid..   I've checked my person document and tried the short name with me internet password, as well as my full name.  

i have an entry in the db AClL.  maximum internet rights are set to editor.

Any more ideas?

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IanWoodAuthor Commented:
I've been unable to logon properly to me iNotes either lately.  Could that be sometime to do with it?  It starts logging me in and then fails to autheticate when tryting to retrieve documents.  
the address book details will be cached, so may take some time (maybe up to 15 mins) to take effect if you changed something and tried immediately.

your full name may also include your Org, and any Org Units -- depends how the sever is configured

You can also use your Internet name if that field is in the person Doc.

I would restart Notes Domino, since the address book data may not be accurate.

Also check the Log.nsf Local and the server to see any error messages that may be relevant.

The fact that I Notes is not working points to an authentification issue with the Server.

Check that all the correct services are runinng.

I hope this helps !
IanWoodAuthor Commented:

I've tried Org, and Org units, as well as every other cobination I can think of, but no joy.

I'll check the logs for anything useful.

hopefully it;'s someth8ing to do with my Inotes problem.  I think I'll probably wait until that's been fixed and then try again.  

IanWoodAuthor Commented:
Thanks.   Unfortunately, i don't have access to a server for development.   i'll try adding my person record..

No agents, but some Lotusscript.   That might be a aproblem.  What can I replace the lotusscript code with?  Formulas or some other scripting?  I have OKish javascript and java skills if that's any help.

ANy LotusScript that acts "within the form" (does not access data from any other view or document, does not save or close the document) can be rewritten as JS.

Any script that runs in QueryOpen, PostOpen, QuerySave, PostSave, or a button that does the saving, can be put into an agent.  That agent then has to be assigned to the form's WebQuryOpen/WebQuerySave event (you can have one of each... technically you can have several of each, but that rarely makes any sense).
IanWoodAuthor Commented:
Cracked it.  copying my person documnet to my personal address book did the trick (even though the person documnt looked completely different).  
IanWoodAuthor Commented:
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