Exchange 2003 Authentication

Hi there,

We seem to have an issue where a profile that is locally stored on the XP Pro Client machine.

It appears that it stops authenticating with an Exchange 2003 server that is also a DC and DNS server.

When the user logs on, they are able to browse the file servers without any problems.  

Their group membership works, as they are unable to browse restricted folders and only enter folders they have been given access to.

GPOs apply to the machine and to the user account.

I have tried the user account on another machine and it works well with Outlook 2003.  

I have tried another user on the machine with the initial problems to attempt to figure if it is a machine account problem, but the other user account works.

Only when logged on with the initial account is when we experience the problem.

I have this problem, with only one other person on the single 2003 AD Domain, out of approx 75.

Can you guys assist.
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When you say requires authentication is a box comming up asking you to log in each time even after putting in the correct authentication? Im assuming you have tried logging in with the format domainname\username password for the credentials.  

Make sure that under control panel->user accounts->advanced tab-> manage passwords that there isnt an incorrect saved credentials for the exchange computer.  If so clear that.  

There wouldnt be an in depth problem with DC or exchange as the problem is definitley related to this computer and user as it works everywhere else with everyone else like you stated.  If the problem was central to exchange or the DC the problem would replicate on different computers or users.
Can you be more precise what the problem is?
Try deleting their outlook profile and then recreating it.  You can do this from mail under control panel.  

If that doesnt work try deleting their profile from windows and recreating it, making sure you transfer over any files first such as the ones in their my documents.

Since we know its not that users account as it works on another computer, and we know its not the computer as other users on that computer work, we know its just that user on that computer.  Recreating the profile will clear all settings and should definitley fix it. This is much easier than finding the exact thing causing the problem.
ExzileAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion on deleting the profile taylorludwig

I have tried deleting / creating the Outlook profile, but that still requres authentication.  I am sure deleting the windows profile would most likely fix it, but would prefer not to do so.

If there were an in depth problem with our DC, Exchange set-up, would like to try to sort it by finding the cause.


What happens is that it brings up the authentication dialog box, with the username and then asking to input the password, for the user.
ExzileAuthor Commented:
This seems to have worked so far.  Thanks so very much for your assistance with this.
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