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can anyone recommend  a source of VBA for Excel examples (MS Office 2003)?
Add-Ins.com has a downloaded list of 1000 macros but this is $29 but this may be poor when I actually get to view it
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Bruce CadizConnect With a Mentor Quality SpecialistCommented:
Without spending any money, I would suggest you use Excels Macro recording feature to get started. You can do quite a few routine tasks and review the code to get a good idea of VBA for Excel. And against logic, the Microsoft support / developers site also has some good examples (you can search for Excel macro / programming examples.).

Debra Dalgleish has a wonderful website (www.contextures.com) with all kinds of Excel tips including Macro creation. She also has quite a few example files for download (all free).

Here are some Microsoft Links that will help / provide some good examples.

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Solution Center

Excel Programming Newsgroup

Lots of VBA Examples (and Links to Other VBA sites from Tommy Flynn)

And as Jeroen mentioned, Experts Exchange is also a great resource.

Good luck
Chris BottomleyConnect With a Mentor Software Quality Lead EngineerCommented:
You can always search for inspiration herein!

Assuming you want something a little more structured then I found Excel VBA MAcro programming to be a good starter, (ISBN: 0-07-223144-0) circa $30 or £20.

Jeroen RosinkSoftware testing consultantCommented:
I think this forum is quite a good source for VBA examples. You might try to search in the Excel, Bisueal Basic, VB Controls  zones to start with.

Bruce CadizQuality SpecialistCommented:
One last thing, I know this may seem "dumb" but the Dummies books are actually quite good and quite entertaining to read (a lot less sleep inducing than the Microsoft Press stuff). Give them a look, you won't be disappointed.


cookedavidAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help
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