Cube roles + viewing a cube browser

I have created cubes using microsoft Analysis Server 2000.
There are a couple of users that need to view the Cubes.
I am going to use Terminal server or remote desktop to allow the users to connect to the analysis server.

I am going to create profiles for the users to have limited acces on the machine.
I would like to know if I can have a link on the person desktop that takes him directly to the cube browser for the cube he has access to with the only the dimensions and measures that he has access to visible.

I dont want them to have to open the analysis server mmc I just want them to go straight to the cube browser.
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PFrogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no, not if you're running Excel on a client PC, it just needs to be able to see the Analysis Services service - which uses those ports.

Not sure why it won't work for you - can you access SSAS from management studio on another PC?
You need to set up roles within SSAS. However if you're going to do that, why not let the users browse the cube via excel - that way they don't need access to the server at all, but they will have full access to the cube that their user profile has been granted righs to see.

In Excel, Data menu -> Import External Data -> Import Data
Set up an OLAP data source to the SSAS server and it does the rest for you.
Stanton_RouxAuthor Commented:
I have tried importing the data to excel.
I keep getting a unable to locate server error message.
I can see the server in my network neibourhood.
And I am able to remote desktop to it.

I am using the Administrator username and password for the SSAS machine to log in.
Is there anything I need to do on the server to allow access
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this sounds like a configuration problem. By default SQL is locked down quite heavily.
Run the SQL Server surface area configuration manager (start menu, sql server, configuration tools)
Go to surface area configuration for services and connections
open the remote connections node under the Analysis Services tree node.
click "local and remote connections"

You may need to restart the SQL services for this to take effect.
Stanton_RouxAuthor Commented:
I dont have the configuration tools in my menu.
I am using sql 2000 on windows server 2003
In that case it is likely to be a firewall problem; check the following ports are open
   TCP 2725
   TCP 2393
   TCP 2394

Stanton_RouxAuthor Commented:
Tried opening those ports I still get the same error.
Do I have to install the excel addin on the server.
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