How do I drag mail (EML files) back into the Queued Mail Directory for sending?

Hi guys I reallIy hope you can help me with this one!

I found today that our exchange server had approx 2000 emails queued for delivery. There was a DNS error that had prevented mail from being sent earlier in the day and was now rectified, however the SMTP service was so overloaded it became unresponsive. After stopping all relevant services, I proceeded to take mail out from the "queued" directory and put them into a backup folder on another drive. Now, after restarting the server I can see that SMTP is now working and queued mail is being processed correctly, however, when I put the old queued mail back into the "queued" directory it won't leave. Why would this be the case when all other mail is being processed ok?

I am missing something or should .EML files just be sent to their destiniations when dropped into the "queued" directory? Or do I need to put the .EML files further back in the process somewhere?

Any help would be grateful :)

Kelly x
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Dave StringfellowIT managerCommented:
Im thinking back to when i last did this.. i have a feeling you need to stop the Exchnage and SMTP services, drop those mails back in to the directory, and restart the all the services, then check your queues for smtp in exchange system manager and check you have all those queued again.. i know last time i had this it was a bad email, so i had to drop a few in at a time as one was blocking the rest.

this is all from something i did about 3 years ago, so i maybe wrong, but good luck, if it dosnt work, post back, and ill have another think.
Kelly_CollinsAuthor Commented:
Thx guys,
Dave, it makes sense that this would work although I don't fancy dumpng all 2000 emails back into the queued directory at once (and then starting the services again). I need some way of doing it in chunks but thanks for the advice because I kind of understand now why the mail isn't simply being processed as I initially thought.

Rakesh, thx for the link, I'll look at this straight away and let you know......

thx guys x
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Dave StringfellowIT managerCommented:
well, i kinda ment dropping 100+ at a time in to it, not one at a time, + i THINK you can do it with just SMTP and use net stop SMTPSRV and net start SMTPSRV to quickness.
Try dropping them into the Pickup folder, you should not need to stop/start the SMTP service.  Shift-selecting a block of the files in Explorer should allow you to drag them in suitably-sized amounts.
Kelly_CollinsAuthor Commented:
Thx guys for all the help! I'm just manually stopping and starting the smtp service while transfering around 300 at a time which seems to be doing the trick! I was a little worried how this may effect the system while live but all looks good.

All the best everyone x
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