How to I define a number as a percentage

This seems kind of silly but I can't find anything on it and I'm just a beginner.  I need to perform a simple calculation. Doing the calc is not the problem but I can figure out how to define a value as a percentage.

Total = (value1 + value2) * buyrate;

I just need the value of buyrate to = 3.99% so I can multiply BY a percentage.

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TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
divide by 100:

Total= (value1+value2) * buyrate / 100;

Where buyrate = 3.99

Ashish PatelCommented:
When you are displaying Total, then just add % sign hardcoded for example.
<%=Total & "%" %>
Abu HamdanEnterprise Architect, PM ExpertCommented:
Variable as percentage is double or float ...
for example

double myNum = 3.99;

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double buyRate = 3.99;
Total = (value1 + value2) * buyRate / 100;

I don't think you bother about %.  If you need to display it, just add % after that number.
svasilakosAuthor Commented:
It's not the display that is causing me problem it's how to do the calculation in the code file

Here is a subset from my code

        double buyrate = 3.99;
        double totcommish = 0;
        lessbrate = (advamount + feeamount) * buyrate;

advamount  and feeamount are define elsewhere ( these are sums of some data I am retriving from a db). Obviously double buyrate; is wrong becuase I do not want to multiply by 3.99 , I want to multiply by 3.99%.
Heh.. that's why Tim and I both proposed divide by 100!
Ok.. just wondering: How come my answer is not accepted ? :D
svasilakosAuthor Commented:
Sorry, all your respones came very quickly. I saw Tim's before I saw your. You guys posted within miliseconds of each other
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