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I am having problems opening some DVD's while other people can open the files with no problems.  Do you think it's my DVD Drive or some software that makes it unable to open.  Some work some don't.  It's a new PC with Windows XP
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it's almost certainly the drive.  i've never heard of software doing that.
if you have a cd-rom cleaner, it wouldn't hurt to run it on the drive.
(yeah, i know it's new, but...)
It sounds hardware related to me.
But just to be sure...try putting a different drive on your machine and see if it reads...that way you will be sure its the drive.
Despite it being new it is possible that it is defective.

Hope this helps

A lot of newer DVD drives fail very  quickly, especially the cheaper ones.

Try to borrow an external USB/ Firewire DVD drive and check it out.

Also try using a bootable Linux, LIVE CD like Knoppix or Ubuntu, to see if they can read.

I hope this helps !
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