Sample Configuration for Cisco Router using IAS Authentication in Windows 2003 needed

Does anyone have a sample configuration for allowing IAS authentication through Active directory in a windows 2003 domain to remote clients (ie laptops) running Cisco's VPN Client software and connecting through a Cisco 1800 series router? Nothing I found on the Cisco website seems to deal with the issue specifically, and somewhere in the details my solution doesnt seem to work.
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BrughConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe this will help, I assume you are trying to use a RADIUS server to authenticate your cisco access?

If so,

 - Brugh

priceepAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help Brugh. It would seem that the article referenced in the link you posted though is for authenticating AD users to the router itself (as opposed to having local accounts). Will this also work with the Cisco client to allow access to the local network resources (mail server, etc)?
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