Client browser stuck in Limbo, want to see progress of Server side script

Hi all,

I have a intranet server page that the client uses to kick-off a process, I would like to see how this is progressing along but the client side browser is waiting for the entire job to finish before it refreshes.  I'm using <asp:Label id="DataAreaVerify" Runat="Server"/> and script sub-routines to update it but of course it will only show the final page saying "Completed".  I've tried setting the META tag but it's ignored.  Does anyone know how this is done?  I'm thinking I need to do something other than OnClick="LaunchScripts" to kick it off.


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craskinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
any control that is set to runat="server" cannot update until there is a postback. one way you can get around this is with ajax. see . otherwise, you'll have to implement your own javascript update control.
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