Positioning a level?

Hello, does anyone know if you can postion a level, rather than a movieclip.

Something like:

on (release) {
      loadMovie ("samples/ABB_web_portal.swf" ,"_level100");
setProperty (_level100, _x, +(250));
setProperty (_level100, _y, +(250));

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Antonio EstradaConnect With a Mentor Tech Leader / Senior Web DeveloperCommented:
I'd recommend a different approach.

Create a new MovieClip (Ctrl+F8), give it a name like "loader" and same linkage identifier. Leave it empty. Then, you can either drag it into the main timeline (it's what I always do when I need a loader) or add it with ActionScript like this:


If you placed the MovieClip in the timeline, you'll need to select it (you'll see a little white dot with a cross when it's selected) and add an instance name on the properties panel (name it "loader").

Now, with the famous loader you can load any external file to any x or y position you want, and of course you can move it around when you load it... you could do this:

on(release) {
    Temp = _parent.loader; // or _parent._parent if it's too nested. If all fails, you can as well use _root.loader

Good Luck.

no you can't position a  level.

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