Connecting multiple 3Com baseline switches

Need to connect multiple 3Com baseline switches to replace 3Com hubs. Primary switch is a 3Com  baseline GB switch with six servers connected. Presently the four  3Com 24 port Hubs are connected directly to the primary switch,  and from the hubs to the patch panels and on to the hosts.
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nexissteveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Patch from the primary to each of the switches.

This way each switch will have a 1GB uplink. If you carry it out in series then all switches will have to contest with a single 1GB uplink.

Hope this helps.


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maximusGAuthor Commented:
Question is would I run one patch from the primary switch to one of the four replacement switches, say the bottom switch in the stack. Then patch from that switch to each of the other three,or from one switch to the next, in series so to speak. Or patch from the primary switch to each of the switches.
Do what nexissteve suggests.
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