RPC/HTTPS Contacts with Outlook 2003

I just got a server setup for RPC over HTTPS and for one of my users that has about 600+ contacts they can view all contacts by clicking on the Contacts folder but when viewing the Address Book only a portion of them are being displayed.... there are a lot of blank spaces and when I try to view the properties of any of the blank ones I get the following error:

"The Properties dialog box could not be displayed.  An invalid ENTRYID was pased in."

Everything else appears to be working except the "Address Book"  

Any help would be appreciated....
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Does the address book show up in OWA ?

Does the address book show up when you are logged into outlook on the local network ?
dev-adamAuthor Commented:
Good call... it performs the same with Outlook on the local network with all the blank entries in the Address Book...

The address book appears to work in OWA as I was able to find a particular contact in OWA that I was not able to search for in Outlook...

Is there any sort of repair utility on the Address Book?
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Well if you have RPC setup on the same computer that you are using to connect Outlook try this:

Do you have cached exchange mode running ?

Your .ost file might be corrupt.
dev-adamAuthor Commented:

I have tried this on multiple computers... I have narrowed down the problem but the only way I have been able to fix it is to go into each contact one by one and modifying them...  If I change the "Display As" name "Last, First" to "First Last" and then right back to "Last, First" and then retype the email address so that is pulls up the email address display as properly that contact is fixed....   something must have got miss-aligned when these contacts were imported from the users Palm...

Is there any sort of utility to make sure contact lists have the right data in the fields?  I almost looks like the Display As field is blank in the OST file and by changing it and then putting it back then saving it fixes it but with over 600+ contacts it will take a while to do it by hand...
I dont know of any such tool ...  Let me do some research maybe I will have more for you
dev-adamAuthor Commented:
I just did them by hand so I no longer need a utility....
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