Want to change the location of Word 2007 .dotm Normal Template to my data partition...


I have an OS/Apps Partition(C) on my HDD where Word 2007 resides.  I also have a Data Partition(D) where I want to put all my data to making backing up easier.

So, can I move my Normal.dotm Template from the "Users" Folder in Vista 64 on C: to D: and have Word 'see' it there?

I tried moving the 'Templates' Folder to D: and pointing Word to see it's Templates there, but that didn't work.  When Word opens it is not seeing the Normal.dotm on D:.

How do I do this correctly?
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matuseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Where did you go to "point word" to this new directory?

The setting I would change is in the following location:
Click on the office button, then on Word Options
Then go to Advanced
Scroll down to the General section and click File Locations
From there I would modify the User templates location
MitchellVIIAuthor Commented:

That's what i did, but when Word opens it's not seeing the Normat Template in it's new location.
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