Modify users on a crashed Groupwise server

One of my clients has Groupwise servers at many sites.  The Groupwise server at one particular site crashed. I do not support their Groupwise installation, I am only following up as a favor, so I don't know much else about the environment.

Here is the question posed to me:

One of our sites has a GroupWise Post Offices crashed late last week. One of our other technical contacts is saying that it's impossible to delete or change any of the users at that post office until the post office is brought back online. Is that true? He says that we have to rebuild the server before the users can be deleted or modified. Can you confirm that? Below is the documentation he sent me on this topic.

Here is an exceprt from that other response she is questioning:

I don't believe there is a document explaining the details of this specific type of scenario. It is common knowledge to GroupWise Engineers and Administrators that systems need to be online and communicating properly in order to administrate user, resources, post offices and domains in a distributed environment. It seems Novell may have the expectation that services are restored in the case of a disaster rather than lost and no longer used. However, I did find an old technical document that does reference some of the information I have communicated. The keys to success are recovery of the failed secondary domain in a way that communication of information is possible and that no pending items are stuck. Failure or Inability to delete or change a GroupWise object is directly related to communication between a distributed secondary domain and the centralized primary domain. The technical document follows. **He goes on to include technote #10010584, How To Delete Secondary Domain (Last modified: 12May2003),
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In a nutshell, yes, the limitation exists, and should be quite obvious.

If I have a mailbox on Post Office X, and Post Office X is down, how can my mailbox be changed at Post Office X?

Clearly, Post Office X must be running in order for my mailbox to be deleted or changed.

Now, it is possible to eliminate the Post Office...the whole thing... from the GroupWise System. At least from the perspective of the Domains and other Post Offices in the System. I'm not sure what that would get you. The user mailboxes in the Post Office that was removed would essentially be lost.

The TID you cite is for deleting an entire Secondary Domain, not just a Post Office. If the Post Office that needs to be deleted is the ONLY Post Office in the Secondary Domain, then it'll work fine. But if there are other Post Offices in the Domain, the procedure in that TID is *not* what you want to do.

Any idea as to what is preventing recovery of the down Post Office?

Quick overview of GroupWise structures:

First (Top) Level --> System (the entire GroupWise environment)

Second Level --> Domain (one is a Primary; other Domains, if any, are Secondary)

Third Level --> Post Office (one or more per Domain); Gateway (e.g. GWIA, GWWA; zero or more per Domain)

As you see, the Post Office is the "lowest" unit in the data hierarchy.
Is she saying that since the server at that site crashed, they decided they no longer need those mailboxes ever again, and just want to clean up all the objects related to that PO and those mailboxes?

Isn't it reasonable to assume that in a scenario where a server has crashed, that one would recover it?

I don't understand what the problems is.
qwaleteeAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in response, we had a family emergency and I could not log on again unjtil last night. Thanks for the overview. I will begetting back to you shortly.
qwaleteeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help guys, got a new question, please see
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